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findingparis said: yoongi, greek yogurt, sappy drama


after successfully finishing up his appendectomy, yoongi is told that he has to rest and recover at the hospital for a while. his body feels a little sore as he still is just fresh out of surgery. the hospital is completely silent, save for the ticking of the clock on the wall. with every passing second, yoongi is growing more bored out of his mind. he would have considered sleeping if he hadn’t already just been knocked out for hours. a nurse comes in asking if he needs anything. “it’s pretty quiet in here, huh? let me turn something on for you.” she turns on the TV and leaves him a snack on the side table before heading out. looking up at the screen, yoongi groans as he sees “stairway to heaven” playing. ‘they still air this on TV??’ sighing, yoongi looks to the side table and sees a little cup of yogurt. yoongi stretches his arm as far as he can, only to brush his fingers against the cup and ends up pushing it further away. his side feels a zing of pain & he immediately gives up on the yogurt. closing his eyes in irritation, he sighs again. suddenly, the door bursts open again and the room is flooded with a bunch of rambunctious voices. “HYUNG. HYUNG. SURPRISE!! HYUNG. oh, you like watching this stuff too? why didn’t you tell me? we can watch all the dramas you want together!!” then, somebody else yells, “HYUNG. can i have this? are you going to eat it?” yoongi keeps his eyes closed and thinks, ‘maybe i should have just gone to sleep.’ while drifting off to sleep he hears, “blehhh this yogurt is really sour. i think it went bad. you guys, try it!! i think it went bad!!”

findingparis said: Please write a scenario about what you think Yoongi's ideal wedding would be like. ♡


yoongi’s ideal wedding would be swegalicious to the max. he would have a small, casual and intimate wedding & have it indoors so his guests (but mostly so he) wouldn’t have to be out in the sun. gotta keep that complexion ya know. yoongi & his bride would sweg down the aisle (while the rest of bangtan do their fashion walk strut as the best men). warren g would administer the wedding & iris would sing with a choir. coolio would do catering for the wedding (but he won’t actually attend ‘cause he doesn’t wanna see v). yoongi would rap his wedding vows & write a song for his bride, but would ask vocal line to sing it for her in his stead. (but if she really wanted, he’d sing it for her in private later.)